Your tattoo journey isn’t over when you leave our studio.

Your new tattoo will take 7 to 14 days to heal (depending on the person) and the care you are now responsible for will directly effect its outcome. Please ignore your friends suggestions, we are the experts and know how your tattoo should heal.

For detailed instructions, please download the Tattoo Care PDF. But, here are some really important points to note:

  • Please carefully remove bandage, failure to do so can re-injure the area resulting in color loss.
  • Please avoid direct sunlight/tanning beds and ABSOLUTELY NO swimming in ANY body of water
  • Please wash your hands prior to touching your tattoo while it’s healing.
  • Please gently wash your tattoo with a mild soap using only your fingertips, not a washcloth or any other abrasive
  • Please do NOT re-bandage the area unless directed otherwise by your artist.
  • Only apply SMALL AMOUNTS of fragrance free lotion, NO medicated or petroleum based products.
  • DO NOT wear tight fitting clothing that will rub or irritate the area
  • PLEASE UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES pick at or scratch the tattoo or any scab, as this could lengthen the healing time as well as result in color loss.

Thank You for doing your part to ensure your new tattoo heals properly. Remember, we do guarantee our work, but if your new tattoo heals improperly as a direct result of your negligence, you will incur a fee to touch up the work.