3200 N Davidson St, Charlotte, North Carolina - 704-376-4556

Matty Evans

Hi, my name’s Matty (yes, I know there’s another Matt that works here at Fu’s, but we’re quite different).

I was born in DC, and raised in Charlotte, and like most artists, I was immersed in art and fascinated by it from a very early age. I actually have a degree in the arts, but outside of writing bios about myself, modesty usually prevents me from discussing it much.

I really like to tattoo in quite a wide variety of tattoo styles, so just about anything goes when it comes to tattooing. I’m currently exploring oil painting as a pastime and have been enjoying that quite a bit. As for my illustration style, I lean toward fine line black and grey illustrative type work. As for the rest, there’s really not that much else to tell, except for maybe that I started tattooing in 2005, and during the holidays, I prefer ham to turkey, if you must know….
thanks, Matty Evans.


Matty_Evans_3933 Matty_Evans_3917 Matty_Evans_3916 Matty_Evans_3915 Matty_Evans_3914 Matty_Evans_3896 Matty_Evans_3895 Matty_Evans_3894 Matty_Evans_3875 Matty_Evans_3874 Matty_Evans_3873 Matty_Evans_3677 Matty_Evans_3674 Matty_Evans_3623 Matty Evans