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Josh Gonzalez

Born and raised in Massachusetts, I always enjoyed drawing and making art, but my family didn’t agree with me in making art my career, so I settled into years of construction work.

After coming to the realization that life had better things to offer me, on April 1st, 2011 I packed up what I could in my car and drove to Florida to make a change. I met my mentor Derrick Nail at a local watering hole and after we had some drinks he asked if I was looking for a job. Ironically enough, having $200 to my name my answer was yes. I got my foot in the door by working the front of the shop and after a year I was offered an apprenticeship. Another year later my apprenticeship was complete and I was finally on this adventure we call tattooing.

I tattooed in LA(Lower Alabama) and in Panama City, FL. Last Year mother nature reared her ugly head and unleashed Hurricane Michael on the panhandle and we were officially refugees. Once again the car was loaded up except this time with my family, we headed for Charlotte and I began working at Fu’s. I enjoy making American Traditional tattoos and welcome any challenges you may throw at me.