3200 N Davidson St, Charlotte, North Carolina - 704-376-4556

Hans Drost

Hans began his Tattooing Career in 1994 at The Shapers Quest (one of the first 4 tattoo studios in Charlotte at the time) with the MOTHERFUCKIN Vernon boys. Since then he has made his mark in Charlotte (sometimes in his trousers) as a tried and true, solid tattooer with an ever growing client base.

Like the rest of the crew at Fu’s, Hans also creates works of art in other mediums such as designing t-shirts for various clients, original skateboard designs and most recently debuting his painting and large scale paper cuttings for his first solo show in Baku in April of 2012


Hans_Drost_015 Hans_Drost_014 Hans_Drost_013 Hans_Drost_012 Hans_Drost_011 Hans_Drost_010 Hans_Drost_009 Hans_Drost_008 Hans_Drost_007 Hans_Drost_006 Hans_Drost_005 Hans_Drost_004 Hans_Drost_003 Hans_Drost_002 Hans Drost