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David Ballard

Manager / Tattooist I Work At And Co-Own Fu’s Custom Tattoos In Charlotte NC.

My Youth Was Wasted On Too Many Comic Books And An Invention Brand New To The World At The Time, Video Games. The Former Is A Large Part Of The Reason I Was Drawn To Artwork And I Suppose At Least Partially Culpable For My Over-Inflated Sense Of Justice. I Spent About 3 Years As An Apprentice Under The Tutelage Of My Now Business Partner, Joey Vernon. I’ve Been Tattooing Full Time Now For Around 14 Years, Which, As Any Seasoned Tattooer Will Tell You, Means That I’m Coming Perilously Close To Actually Figuring Out What I’m Doing. Having Said That, There’s Not Really A Particular Style Of Work That I Specialize In. Like Most Tattooers, I Truly Love Doing Any Kind Of Traditional Japanese Style Work, But Am Happy To Be Able To Work In A Variety Of Different Styles, From Bold And Colorful To Soft Tones Of Black And Grey. The Fantastic Variety And Detail Work Of Rendering Any Of The Pantheon Of Hindu Gods Is Always A Great Joy And Welcome Challenge To Me, And As Someone Who Feels Compelled By The Undeniable Truths Of Secular Buddhism, Tattooing Nearly Any Buddhist Imagery Brings Joy To My Workday.

As a matter of fact, the only kind of work that i just will not do, aside from the obvious hate or gang symbols, or work that I can’t warranty, like white tattoos, etc, are any religious tattoos of the monotheistic, Abrahamic variety. That’s right, I don’t do praying hands, rosary beads, bible quotes, crosses, etc, so please don’t ask me for them. If i can’t put forth my very best efforts into a tattoo, I’d rather let someone else who can, do it.

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