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Your tattoo journey isn’t over when you leave our studio.

Your new tattoo will take 7 to 14 days to heal (depending on the person) and the care you are now responsible for will directly effect its outcome. Please ignore your friends suggestions, we are the experts and know how your tattoo should heal. We do guarantee our work, but not from customer negligence.

For detailed instructions, please download the Tattoo Care PDF. But, here are some really important points to note:

  • DO NOT rip the bandage off
  • Don’t touch tattoo with dirty hands
  • DO NOT use a wash cloth to clean tattoo
  • DO NOT re-bandage tattoo
  • Only apply fragrance-free lotion
  • DO NOT use any medicated or petroleum based products
  • Avoid direct sunlight and tanning beds
  • DO NOT immerse your tattoo in water or soak it in water
  • DO NOT wear tight fitting clothing that will rub tattoo
  • DO NOT pick at tattoo scab
  • DO NOT scratch tattoo
  • DO NOT f*** it up!