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Fu’s Custom Tattoo


Well, for starters, it’s pronounced “foo” and is actually not an acronym for “fuck you”. Fu’s Custom Tattoo was named for Fudō Myōō or Acala-Vidyaraja who is primary deity of the 5 wisdom kings from the Shingon sect of Esoteric Buddhism.  Fūdo converts anger into salvation, he carries a “kurikara” or Vajra sword in his right hand, representing wisdom cutting through ignorance and holds a rope in his left hand to bind demons. He often has a third eye in his forehead as he is all-seeing, surrounded in fire representing the purification of the mind and is often shown seated or standing on a rock as he is “immovable” in his faith. Acala or Fūdo literally translates into “Immovable Wisdom King”. So why would we name our shop after such a powerful deity? Much like Fūdo’s name we are also “immovable in our faith”. We pride ourselves on the quality of tattooing that we provide to you, our customer on a daily basis and strive as individual artists to constantly improve on our craft.

So enough said and you in the back wearing the fucking propeller beanie thinking we named our shop Fuck you… Nice try Sparky. Now go forth and enjoy our website. We know you’ll like it because, no bullshit- we put our hearts and souls into everything we do.

Thanks for looking